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Letters to Pastors and their Families
Below are some letters to Pastors and their Families which you might also find useful.

I Will Send Aarons - Exodus 4:10, 13-18

"You feel so weak, so tired, so unable to run around to minister to My wounded children effectively. Yes, in a hospital, nurses help doctors, but in My church no such help seems near. You feel it queer that when I gave you a vision, which has since ripened into a mission, I did not also supply a ready-made team to move with you.

My son, I know your needs. I know your limitations all this while. Have I made you and not understand you? Yet, I have patiently waited till you cry out to Me...till you know and feel convinced that without others sent with you, you cannot do My will... I wait till My beloved is more humbled before Me...more real.

No, My daughter, I do not do this to punish but to purify and beautify you. Know you not that I rejoice to hear your cries and will quickly send the Aarons...My Aarons to walk with you?

See...even they have already caught My vision...even they have really felt their hearts burning to fulfil My mission!

Carry on trusting Me as I take you by your hand. Only, do not forget to wait on Me...My child"

Ephesians 4:1-16


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