Recon, for Recon ciliation, Christ's ministry vertically and horizontally, entrusted to you and me.

Re, called to . . .

  • Retreat to be with God alone so as to receive the security of His love.
  • Rest in the Lord in quietness and peace.
  • Remain in Jesus and let His word remain in us.
  • Renewed in our minds by His word.
  • Refreshed in our bodies and souls
  • Recommissioned to minister His truth and grace to a needy world.


The ReconRe logo and what it means

  • The cross at the center symbolises the reality of the atoning death of Jesus, the Son of God, for the sins of the world.
  • The two hands symbolise the reality of the holy Gods [upper] reconciliation with sinful man [lower] being made possible only because of Jesus death for the sinful world.
  • The ripples symbolise the quiet and gentle nature of Gods ministry of reconciliation, effected in His time, not ours.



Hence, the Vision and Mission of ReconRe:

ReconRe is an interdenominational catalyst for the working out of our reconciliation with God at the horizontal person- to-person level, starting with the full-time Christian workers.

ReconRe also seeks to reach out to all fellow brothers and sisters in Christ and the wider society by encouraging the expression of the love of God through creative means....

In particular, and firstly, through the writing of Christian literature that we Malaysian Christians can relate to within our socio-cultural-natural context.... For that purpose, we had to start writing and publishing first. Our maiden titles were:

  • Listen to God's Whispers
  • Look at Creation
  • Listen to the Heart Cries
  • Listen to the Children
  • Listen to the Stories...retold in a Malaysian context

We also hope to link up with others who share a similar vision to make a breakthrough in our society with Malaysian composed and written songs, and contexualised drama that will touch the hearts of our fellow Malaysians, so as to awaken their hungering lives to the grace and truth of the one and only living God revealed in Jesus Christ, His only begotten and beloved Son.

Brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus, do you share this desire of the Lord? Would you help us fulfill the ministry of God's reconciliation with the world in these ways? Read some of our locally published devotional that, God willing, you too may be inspired to write, compose, dance, sing, or, simply care for His pastors for Him. Finally, help us run with the vision and mission of ReconRe by praying with us.

May God our Father and our beloved Lord Jesus Christ continue His ministry of reconciliation in our lives to the end that His glory, compassion and truth will be increasingly revealed in this land.


The Vision and Mission of ReconRe (2005)

by Dr Lee Bee Teik
(25 pages, ~ 5x8 inches)
First Print: 2005

Note: The author, Lee Bee Teik, was taken home to the Lord on 11-June-2022.

This vision and mission booklet was compiled around the year 2005 for "ReconRe Sdn Bhd". The work has since been renamed as "ReconRe Ministries". 

This booklet is kept available here for archival and informational purposes.

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