01 May 2004

Of Maids and Agencies

Foreign maids in Malaysia will be here to stay. Local ones are often unavailable, too calculating or unreliable. I avoid such headaches, many women prefer to take the risk of employing live-in foreign maids. Some such maids work very hard in order to support their families back home. However, at times, some dishonest agencies siphon off so much of their salaries that they are not sure at all whether the money the agencies promise to send to their homes actually reaches their relatives. Who then benefit from such mass employment schemes? The employers do, if they have faithful maids, and the agencies do...but not the poor maids in such cases. When someone mistreats them like this, only they stand to lose. This is a harsh and cruel world where the rich get richer while the voiceless poor get poorer...loke a dumb person ebing stung by a bee... so goes a Chinese saying. Lord, when will justice be seen in such situations?

For Meditation and Prayer:
Psalm 9:9
Isaiah 1:17