01 Jan 2002

Is it O.K. To Curl Up In Your Arms?

My Father, I am exhausted. I want to pray and to study Your word, but I can't. The knowledge that Your other servants are out there busily praying and claiming the nations for You causes me to ponder whether a homely soldier like me is actually worth anything in Your kingdom.

I seem to be able to keep myself active in public work for a few months only and then need to withdraw to quietly listen to You. All that my worn out body, spirit and soul desire right now is to curl up in Your arms like I used to do in my mother's arms, and listen to Your heartbeat, as I used to listen to Mum's. Do You condemn me?

"My beloved daughter, Why do you think that I will condemn you? I made every part of you and I know all your strengths and weaknesses; I want you to rest in My strong arms and feel My heartbeat for My people and My yearning for their companionship, so that My thoughts will become their thoughts... My feelings, their feelings...and My will, their will. Rest in Me, My child, and intercede with Me."

For Meditation and Prayer:
John 15:1-17