01 May 2001

My Students Are Pimps

Father, what is going on in my school?

I thought I was successfully helping my students overcome poverty, loneliness, neglect by parents, and adolescent changes. But I just discovered that some of them are homosexual pimps! All my principal could say to this situation was: "Expel them all!" Probably he would have to expel many of the boys!

I feel betrayed by my boys but I feel even more angry with my fellow Christian teachers who wash their hands off their students’ needs. I need help, they need help, our students need help…where shall we turn to? Is there anyone in the Christian church who has an answer? Or am I too idealistic and judgmental? Answer me, please, Lord, I pray!

"In My Name, My son, love them for Me…love them for Me…"

For Meditation and Prayer:
John 21:15-17