01 Nov 2003

The Faithful God - Psalm 77:3-20

"My dear pastor's wife, I hold you in My arms. As in childhood days, so I hold you now. The trials that I took you through the years were hard and at times intolerable; I understand. When I called you to love Me above all else, including your beloved Mum and Dad, your brothers and sisters, your husband and then your lovely children, and lastly your job and your comfort, I knew what I was doing though, often, you did not.

During those long stretches when I seemed to be silent, you felt that I had forsaken you, but I had not. I was the patient and wise father who endured the pain of watching his child suffer as she went through the harsh disciplines of life according to His plans.

However, you have begun to see that it was all worth the while...My ministry of reconciliation would not have been possible if you had not trodden those brambled path with Me... those paths of feeling the depth of wounds inflicted by direct and indirect rejections simply becuase you believed that I have a chosen a particular course for you...so that you will know Me better and make Me known.

I feel with you when you had to wait so long for Me to make sense of the seeming nonsense of life events in the best of your life...the twenties and thirties.

You could understand why I did not show you how to release the energies I have given you. You had to perform the humble task of scrubbing floors, changing diapers, bearing with severe financial constraints, marketing and cooking (to name a few). You had to take on the hard work of child discipline almost all alone for much of the time, fathering and mothering them...as you release your husband to serve Me wholeheartedly. I know that it is because you love Me more than him.

Today, My child, I want to tell you that I appreciate all that you have carried on My behalf.. for the love of Me. Even when you seem mad at Me for causing your sorrows, I know that deep inside, you trust Me and know that I always love you and will one day bring good out of bad for those who are Mine. Truly, in the new earth, you both can love Me without hurting each other any more.

Receive My secure and gentle embrace.

Be comforted now, My beloved, come and rest in Me.

I say once more...I have always treasured you...I treasure you now... and will always do."

Isaiah 54