01 Nov 2002

A Seed Must Die - John 12:24

Do not be discouraged by the brokeness of My servants for though some I choose, others choose themselves.

Endure and wait only on Me. I know the things you do not know; I see the things you do not see; I hear the words you do not hear.

Many misunderstand Me in extremes. Some believe that My servants must suffer unnecessarily while others think that they must live as others do. No, I did not give them those opinions.

All I desire is that My people will know Me as their intimate Saviour and Friend. Then will they faithfully serve Me out of love, not fear. I have no favouritism or prejudice.

Find Me in the Scriptures and My spirit will shoe and teach you all about Me.

Fear not what man says. I must increase ...while you...decrease."

John 3:22-30