01 Apr 2002

Feel With Me To Pray - John 17

"My Father and I are one. Ever so often, during those days, in the hills of Judea and Samaria, as I sat alone with my Father, in the quietness of the nights, no words needs to be exchanged.

I felt my breath so flowed out of Me towards Him, and His breath so flow out of Him towards Me, that we became immersed in each other... no disagreement, no conflict, no spillage of power in anger or lust....just peaceful harmony, effortless refreshment, indescribable joy and ...His thoughts became My thoughts; His truth; My truth; His heart, My heart; His love, My love; His grace, My grace; His joy, My joy!

Remember, the Man of Sorrow is also the Man of Joy!

Such times with My Father gave birth to His instructions,

His actions and His ministry of reconciliation.

What He said, I said...What He did, I did 

My Beloved, as I have been with My Father, will you be the same with Me?"

Luke 6:12