01 Apr 2004

Trapped by Unknown Voices

I hear voices...voices that are real to me. But nobody, not even the doctors who try their best to help me, believe that they are real. These voices come and go at any time they like. At times they tell how good I am; at other times, they tell how bad I am. They keep repeating themselves and crying out for my attention. Therefore, I can't eat, I can't sleep. All my energy seems to cater only to listening to them. I try my hardest to control myself when they tell me to do things that I know I shouldn't do. I am trying my very best but am losing my grip...yet, nobody believes me. They give me medicine, they lock me up, they observe me as if I were an animal. BUT I AM NOT! What I really fear is that one day I may not have the power to resist these voices and end up hurting someone...including myself. O God, if there is a God, please help me!!

For Meditation and Prayer:
Isaiah 53:4-5
Matthew 9:12-13
Psalm 27:9-14