01 Dec 2003

Submission To Domination

Let me tell you a story about a couple who adopted a son and a daughter. The son grew up to be a submissive and obedient child. He trained his wife and three children to submit to his adopted mother without question or else they would all be sharply chided and often cursed by her.

However, when the mother was old and paralysed, the son's family shifted to a new house and left his elderly mother in the care of another older lady. What I witnesses when I visited her was attrocious: the former downager of the household was lying in her own motion with lies buzzing all about her.

Did she deserve such treatment just because she was unreasonably fierce with her family? The son had inherited his thriving business from his parents, anyway. What had happened to her once filial son? As to her daughter who rebelled earlier on in life, she became mentally sick and died in the streets.

Who bears the responsibility of such endings? We are not in a position to judge. But one thing appear clear: submission out of fear or mere tradition rather than love brings little if not no lasting good to the oppressor and the oppressed.

Lord Jesus, come and show us Your ways of loving submission to the loving Father, I pray
For Meditation and Prayer:
Exodus 5:3,11,13,15-21; John 14:15,21