01 Jul 2003

Sentul - A Tourist Attraction?

Sentul, once upon a time the squatter-filled railway district of Kuala Lumpur, has caught the eye of an urban developer. The KTM [Malaysian Railways] - owned land worth about RM 100 million is to be converted into an economic-socio-tourist development project. In the past few years, few people from better-off locations of Klang Valley would consider shifting here to help the local residents emerge from their poverty-striken condition. But all of a sudden, those looking for economic benefits find that this once crime-prone area of Kuala Lumpur is about the only piece of land left for the development of the city. Of course, publicity says that the project will help Sentilites come out of their slow state of progress. But I do sincerely hope that the wealth generated there will not be carried off elsewhere, but be used to provide for the down-and-out in Sentul. O, that they may know that someone cares for them and do not come just to get something out of them.

Sovereign Master of all cities, show Your Sentulites a vision of Your presence there, I pray, so that they will not be carried away by materialistic advancement at the expense or their souls. May they continue to pray, to fast, and to give to the needy for You.

For Meditation and Prayer:
Leviticus 19:10;Deuteronomy 15:7-11
Matthew 6:1-18; Luke 4:18-19
Acts 9:36; James 2:14-26