01 Apr 2003

Commitment in an Imperfect World

I listened attentively as my friend Stephen unburdened himself of his five years of loneliness.

“Suzie has left me and taken our two sons with her….she would not let me make contact with her….would not allow our sons to visit my parents who long to see them before they die. I visited my sons at her parents’ home during every school vacation and at Chinese New Year…but I can’t even spend a night with them. Whenever I visit, she would not even be there.All married couples have failures. I admit I am not eh best for her…but neither is she for me. As Christians, our marriage is permanent, as far as I am concerned. To your question as to whether I can overcome temptations to date other women, my answer is: “Yes”, because I will wait for her as long as she wants to be reconciled. I will continue to look to God for comfort, strength and hope. If she chooses to divorce me and marry someone else, I cannot change her mind. But I am determined to wait for her unless that eventuality happens." "Father, thank You for granting this brother such commitment for his estranged wife in spite of his agony of waiting alone. His commitment encourages me as I see for myself that there are still those who, in the midst of uncertainty and pains, seek to abide in You and let the counsel of Your word abide in them, even though the world around them shouts, ‘Let her go! Let her go! There are other women who will readily marry you!’ Uphold this brother with Your victorious right hand, I pray, and bring his wife and sons back to him again.”

For Meditation and Prayer:
Matthew 19:3-9