01 Feb 2002

Lord, Do You Know What Separation Feels Like?

Five days away from home. Do You understand my feelings, Lord? Five full days away from my husband and my children for the first time in ten years, since our first child arrive! I am scared, really, and You know, Lord. But - now that I am alone with You again, as if I were single again, I realise what a blessing it is to be with You for a prolonged period of time...free from the daily routine of caring for my loved ones, and yet knowing that they will be safe in You. I can now listen to You for five unhurried and restful days. Father, thank You for giving me my family on earth to love and to be loved. In this manner, You are preparing us for a larger family when You come again. I don't really mind being away from them for a while. Yet... here comes the gnawing feeling for them them once more...

Lord, do You really understand what separation from loved ones means?

For Meditation and Prayer:
Matthew 26:38-39 & 27:45-46; John 14:18-19