01 Jun 2001


When my brother touched me in the middle of the night,

I awoke, confused and scared…wondering what he meant.

Suddenly, in horror and dread, 

I realised it was my tender parts he reached…I froze.

"O my Lord, how could he do that to me?
My brother, my hero…and my friend!
My anger rose against him…he betrayed my trust!
Yet stranger still, I turned the anger against myself
For not being able to resist him or…tell Mum.
Why? Lord, why?"

HE replied…

"My child, whenever someone takes something from you without permission,
You’ll feel like a part of you is torn away.
It hurts, I know, for I too have gone that way…
But My love will heal and make you whole from today."

"Father, thank You…"

For Meditation and Prayer:
Isaiah 53:4-12
Ephesians 4:32