01 Mar 2001

Cerebral Palsy

Are You hearing me, My Great Physician…? Mrs. Yee has a child with cerebral palsy. Do You know how she feels? Mei Mei is six years old, still needs diapers and cannot hold her milk bottle steadily yet. Her Mum is emotionally and physically exhausted. She has three older sons and waited for ten long years before this daughter arrived. Would You blame her for wishing that she had not longed for a girl? In the face of such a crisis, one naturally despairs if one does not have a higher view of man. It is Your image in us that gives us value and worth as persons, even if we do not match up to the standards of this world.

As I cry to You, Lord, after being with Mei Mei for one hour, I find my mind playing the game of to-doubt-or-not-to-doubt Your goodness. But as I deliberately align myself to Your perspective, my hope in the truth of Your everlasting goodness wells up from within my soul once more.

Yes, Mei Mei is precious in Your eyes. You died on the cross for her as well. You are ready to receive her into Your kingdom any time, to share in Your resurrected life and to be given a new body one day. But she needs to receive that message through members of Your body like me.

Father, forgive me for my self-righteous doubting. Help me not to lose hope and love her into Your kingdom, I pray.

For Meditation and Prayer:
John 3:16-17
Matthew 19:14-15