01 Nov 2000

Is There A God? [Young and Afraid]

When I woke up this morning, a sense of eerie uncertainty penetrated my soul.

"Who am I?"

Yesterday I was still a student; but after sitting for my S.T.P.M., I became a nobody. Being my parents’ son doesn’t seem enough as I approach adulthood. It’s scary…I search for a model but find none as I observe adult life around me. Most of my seniors keep chasing after money and more money. As long as there are no problems, they do not stop to ask, "Why money?", "What if we go bankrupt? Will we be able to face it, or will we go mad?"

I sometimes I want to be like them…independent and free to do what I like. But at other times, I see the vanity of their lives and want to die…unless I find the meaning of my life soon.

If there is a God, please show me the way!

For Meditation and Prayer
Isaiah 43:1-7
Romans 8:28