Learning and Rejoicing - John 3:28-30

"My beloved daughter, when I at times disrupt your plans to be alone with Me, do not fret. Did not John, Elizabeth's son, say that the Bridegroom's friend is happy and contented when he sees his other friends enjoy their time with Him?

I have not brushed you aside; by no means. I have just given you the privilege to be with Me as I speak to others...such as when I am talking with a counselee, you are standing by...listening, identifying, praying and rejoicing.

I trust you enough to know that you will understand. It is something like a little girl following her Mum on her visitation rounds...listening to her conversations...and feeling her heartbeat...as she quietly falls asleep contentedly... on her mother's chest.

No, no words may adequately describe the education, the joy, the contentment and security such a child receives as she daily abides with her Mum... and her Mum with her.

Lean on My chest, My beloved...lean on Me, fully assured of My acceptance and wholehearted attention...today."

Luke 10:39