Gopeng Heart Cries

Heart Cries from the Disabled in Gopeng

“I can’t walk. All my relatives tell me that my legs have spoilt my life. Sometimes I wish someone would help me learn to walk … at least give it a try. I wish that I had something more to do than simply sit at home in the same place day in and day out … I’m tired of getting bored, miserable and growing fat! Is there no hope of a better life for people like me? Don’t I deserve friends and fun? Do I have to wait for death like this?

Yet … there is still hope. My neighbour just told Mum of a centre in Gopeng where the disabled like me, who can still move their hands and fingers, are welcomed and trained to work with their hands. O God, if this is real, please get me there, I pray. Yet I am scared and shy, for I have never ventured outside my village except to see my doctor … neither has any stranger invited my out before. I wonder what it will be like out there???

For Meditation and Prayer

Matthew 11:16-19


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